Thursday, 5 September 2013

Turn the Heat Up- Climate Change is Happening Now !!!

"Climate change is not happening at all". "You can't prove that the world is getting warmer".

Well this is where big oil and big coal organisation love these myths but that exactly what they are myth.

The Climate Reality Project plans to destroy myths like these once and for all. These and many reasons why the Climate Watch Ghana team and I are supporting this campaign. Therefore The Climate Reality Project needs your help to do it and take the heat up. Climate Watch Ghana is joining hands in turning the heat up on anti-Science deniers in the fossil fuel industry and beyond with the Put the Heat on Denial Campaign.

As they are starting by debunking the myth that climate change is not happening just to benefit and enrich their co-operations.

As a matter of fact, Temperatures keep rising around the world and there's no denying it. But these big oil and coal set ups are doing their best, spending big money to spread the big doubt about Climate change.

Please follow Climate Watch Ghana as we will be joining such campaigns to bring to bare for all to be aware of the current situations at hand. Hence join Reality Drop and debunk the "It's Not Happening" myth. You can also use the special application to create more real facts from the myths.

Your voice is so important to spread the truth and put the heat on denial.

Climate change is happening now. Debunk the myth that it's not happening. Act Up Now and save the future.