Friday, 16 June 2017


I can remember from one of my few Sunday school sessions' teachings telling us when we were young to always uphold the case of truthfulness.

The good book as well admonished each and every one to speak the truth at all times and the truth shall set us free.

This in some cases doesn't bind considering the human facet of life where at certain points, the lie will rather exonerate you out of a situation that should have been worse if the truth had been said.
Life as always has it's own way of teaching is lessons to build our stature as human beings. Experiences on the other hand, is the documentary tool for which we fall on when we need some form of reference.

I am sure you'll be wondering what I am driving at at all? Well full details to me won't be of much relevance to this post.
One will then ask, what then is the relevance for this post? BE TRUTHFUL in all dealings even if it'll cost you your job, salary, etc. especially when there is a clear conscience towards what you're doing or who you're dealing with.

Another experience of life made me to appreciate life in another state. I helped a friend and something arose, in reporting, I chose the truth for which superiors escalated what wasn't supposed to be an issue in the first place to be a third world war brouhaha.
Sometime down the line, I was vindicated and all along, the friend who actually lost it all because of me choosing the truth, was actually backing me and was wishing I wasn't affected in anyway.
Immediately I arranged a meet up, and we reconnected. We have been more closer than before and life goes on.

I know I hardly share personal digs of my life around but I thought I shared this to I hope inspire someone.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. See you later when I have another thing interesting to post.

A very lazy blogger like me so kindly bare with me. Lol !!!