Friday, 8 January 2016


And then 2015 ended calmly and we were ushered into the new year.

Invitations to a lot of social events came through for which I chose quite a number to attend.
So the very first social event for 2016 was the wedding ceremony of a working colleague. It was out of town so had to travel the distance to make it there. Somewhere in the Eastern region is where it took place.

Right on time, I made it to the service and everything as planned began. Time went by and the service went on and on and on. The groom came in and it was time for the bride to show her presence for the solemnization to begin. Minutes went by, then it turned into an hour of waiting. Various singing groups were called upon to minister different songs from worship, to reggae, to praises all in anticipation for the arrival of the bride but still it was a no show from the bride. It was an hour and a half gone and the bride had not showed up. People started to express some level of anxiety and anger as it was getting annoying to a few myself inclusive. I asked a friend who also knew the groom and had come to support, why it was always the case with brides delaying to show up. Well guess what she showed up two hours after the groom had taken his seat.

Fast forward to the plot of my post, I will try to get that bit of why brides, if I will say take delight in keeping everyone waiting for such long periods during their wedding days.

Soon they were pronounced man and wife after their vows exchange and it was time for merry making. Photographs were taken and we all headed to the reception grounds. Guests and family got seated awaiting the newly weds to come take their seats so the other half of the day could continue.
Then the MC showed up! He started with some jokes and introduced himself to the gathering. All through his presentation and MC duties, coordination of what follows what on the outlines program was duly delivered with dexterity. He did well in mixing both the English and Twi languages to the admiration of everyone. Still that doesn't pitch in my plot for this!

Here it is......recently the form of worship with reference to Christianity has come under a lot of scrutiny. Several reasons have been assigned to the modern ways of worship in recent times.
Throughout his MCing, one thing that run through was how the various forms of worship in the christian faith was used as jokes and used them as jokes formats. One of the very repeated ones was the speaking of tongues. The sight and movements that ensued around immediately warranted a form of prayer and ended in the tongue speaking craze which drew laughter and giggles from most people around.

Personally I wasn't enthused by those gimmicks and thought I was the only one. Right behind me, I overheard some grown up women expressing their displeasure of that particular aspect of his mcing. One of the women expressed in twi "Enti ebi nom ensuro Nyame anaa?" meaning "so don't some people fear God?"

That wasn't the only time I had heard of such jokes. On a lot of platforms, I have heard such lines being jokingly expressed. In not trying to compare to other religions, will they - comedians, MCs etc try that other forms of worship of other religions?

Aside the tongues bit, kindly share any experience you've had where certain forms of worship of other religions has been jokingly expressed even though will prefer more of the christian religion.

Cheers and have the best of 2016 and welcome to another run of cool posts from me.