Thursday, 31 March 2016


More than 300 cans of fresh air from south China’s Hainan Province have been sold at the 2016 Hainan International Tourism Trade Expo.

Selling for 29 yuan (US$4.50), the cans of clean air have generated significant interest from businesses and tourists from smog-effected cities in the north and northeast China.

It was bottled in the seaside tourism resort of Bawangling, Changjiang County in southwest Hainan, where the forest coverage is up to 98 per cent.

Bawangling’s average negative oxygen ions per cubic centimetre are as high as 6,000, which is six times the standard of clean air stated by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Liu Jin, deputy county chief of Changjiang at the Expo, said: “The first batch of 300 cans were all sold out, and it will start selling to the public in two months.”

Chinese firms are already in negotiation to research and develop larger sizes and different applications, according to Liu.

Source: Climate Action News