Friday, 12 December 2014

RhymesCrew Gave Me a Good Morning

Maybe I am just lucky to be in the midst of some great opened minded persons in this country. I happened to find myself in a group of over forty-five young executives whose love for parties, get togethers, fun is high but don't mistaken that for anything, these people have the brains to go with it.

I woke up one morning and launched my Whatsapp application to check if I had any chats to respond to. I then hit my favourite group and I was amazed by the spontaneous flow of short rhymes. It started with one of the group members making a statement and boom, the results is what you'll be reading below.

This is supposed to be a very short post so I took a few out so you get a gist of how diverse that group of young minds worked spontaneously.

This statement  "Ready to catch whatever balls you throw at me like courtois" started it all !!!!

"Coitus please no interrupts …
Savor the feel of my passion as it sinks in yo eider down folds"

"After the drop of my dross, yearning for the pound of your corn dough moulds"
"Those curves that shy the mounds of anthills by the roadside
So brown in their prime"

"Deeply rooted in her choreograph of ecstasy as I dance round her sweetness and sublime"

"Flying fleetingly through your pores sipping in the nectar of yo fountains"

"Deep thrusts followed shallows, steps on nine and climbing up them mountains"

"Let's explore those volcanoes together
Discover the heat the touches the nine clouds"

"Spanking the heat out with blown out lust and uncontrollable shouts"

"Grunts and moans
Bites and scratches
make a grown man moan"

This was more of a give and take reaction where they played around with words. A little sharp enough should get you understanding the rhyme theme for which these creations were developed.

If you wanna meet them, why not, I can get them to meet you especially if you'll want a piece written for you. One actually is a renowned poet and is as good at that.

Adios once again and thanks for stopping by my only place for engaging your reading minds.