Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Bitter Sweet Experience - My morning with Brown Gold Cocoa Bevarage

I have always been accused of skipping my breakfast several times.

I have had my siblings, parents and a few friends I have lived with hit me hard on that behaviour. I always and still don't feel it's an issue anyway. I am just not an early eater if I may put it that way.

I remember an auntie who is a retired nurse once visited our home, and recognized this behaviour of mine. I didn't know I had it coming I would have prepared to face her or better still avoid her completely so she doesn't get me to the court room of breakfast eating hence my charges laid to my face amidst scholding and warnings.

One morning I went to the kitchen to pick up a fruit which I do often instead of having breakfast as they all recommend, there and behold was my auntie standing right there boiling water for bathing, the weather was pretty cold. She waited for me to finish washing my fruit then BAM, lectures begun on breakfast and my repeated habit of skipping. Apparently, my mum had told her about my poor and unstructured eating habit. I guess that was where my breakfast issue came up for discussion. Well I guess you know how the conversation will go and end.

Fast forward to my plot for this post. It was on a motive to have breakfast and decided to for the first time try the brown Gold cocoa powder beverage product. I had seen my paps earlier taking it so I decided then let me try this for the first time.

Well I had my hot water ready, then I took my teaspoon for my first scoop of the beverage. All along I had no idea of the taste of this raw cocoa product for which I had heard over and over again that it was a good product, good for one's heart hence healthy for the human body. I then went in for my second scoop, and added a third into my cup. Then I poured my milk into the cup for my mixture to be ready to receive the hot water.

At this point hot water had been added to my mixture and it was time to taste if my beverage was ready to be downed alongside my bread. And for the experience after tasting my mixture is left for you to try and have your own experience........ Gosh!! It was as bitter as the word bitter, I had over scooped the cocoa beverage bit too much that the milk incorporated wasn't even relevant at any level of sweetness. I tried adding more milk, tweaa, the bitterness level was still killing, then I decided to add sugar which I often don't do with my beverages, but still my cup won't respond from being bitter to sweet.

I then went to my paps to ask how and why was it that bitter, and the first question I was asked was, how many scoops of the teaspoon did you take and I told him, three , immediately he burst out laughing at me. He even continued to tell me a story about his cousin who came to visit him one day and thought that was milo therefore scooping a lot of it and could not tackle it. He told me because of its bitterness, the maximum I should have scooped was one and a half. Funny enough he picked a phone and called my mum to join in the hooting session, soon my mum was on loud speaker and they were both like seriously laughing at me paa.

I then went back to the kitchen to do some damage control and soon I was having my breakfast as they all wanted and expected me to do every morning. Aside all that it was a great morning and the day followed suit. An experience that was well gained. But I promise you I will get my paps and mums, when their time comes where I happen to be on the laughing side I am sure going to blog about it and the cause of it.
As always thanks for stopping by to be a part of my blog. Have the best of your day and week as a whole. Never give up the fight because you can't stop fighting if your opponent hasn't given up fighting back at you.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My First Book Launch Attendance

I have always liked reading and as we all know, knowledge is power.
I was invited by my good friend Bright to attend a program. It was a book launch event. I accepted the request and bookmarked the date so it didn't pass me by.
The day of the event came and I was there to observe. I was a little late.
The program was very precise and straight to the point. The chairman for the event was Dr. Michael Agyekum Addo.
His chairmanship response was so on point and that showcased his passion and zeal for entreprenuership to thrive on our economy and country as a whole.
He interlaced his speech with the seasons and centurion times with its accompanying state of development. The age and it's entrepreneurship ventures at the time, using Kwame Nkrumah's era of vision and ideologies.
He is one entrepreneur I really respect and admire because he has the VIM vibe and desire to see a lot of people decide and be entrepreneurs.

Then came the main speaker for the event. She was in the person of Mrs. Hannah Armo Haimson who is the HR Director of NBSSI. Her speech was spot on and she shared more light on the ventures that the NBSSI were into. She later delved into the reason and motive for the book as well as some excepts  of the book. She later made a great assertion that, " When the last entrepreneur dies, the last man dies" taking a cue from "When the last tree dies, the last man dies".

Comments were made from the chairman where he conducted a few illustrations of us as a people using our left side imaginative brain of thinking than we using the right to help us reach higher heights. He mentioned situations where he made various interventions to push entrepreneurship dreams by exposing them to the general public but to no avail. He conducted many of those that some of the audience had wrong hence confirming his sentiments.

Another observation i encountered was that of the invited guest not showing up after confirming and promising to be there. One of those was the minister of Youth & Sports, Elvis Ankrah, Dr. Gifty Anti and a few more for which some funny reasons were given therefore not worthy of me putting up in this post.

The book launch proper started and the procedure was an open bid then. People made very meaningful bids and raised a very respectable contribution to the young writer. In as much as this was going on, we we enjoying some sweet melodies from a pianist brought to spice up things in the hall. It was such soothing especially as these melodies were from home. This made a lot of people in the hall got acquainted to that as well.

It was an experience and I enjoyed every session of it. I made a few new friends, networking and acquaintances during the refreshment session.

The next thing was to find my way home to call it a day.
Author :        Mary Ayisi

Copies can be attained in all the major bookshops in the country. Grab a copy and trust me the book is full of knowledge worth attaining and sharing.

Monday, 5 August 2013

The African Vibe -My Playlist

Music they say is the food for the soul. Well for me it's a refreshing lifestyle which soothes the mind and whole mental framework.

I woke up this morning feeling all music loving, but this time the craving was a little different from the usual, Hip hop, Christian Rock, or even listening to my favorite sports shows.

Over the years I have always loved music from all over the world but not so much from my continent because it was in a way not very much accessible. Thanks to the internet super higher, things seems to have become a little easier now in terms of accessibility.

Over these few weeks I have had a few favorites from the continent no doubt I woke up this feeling all songy songy (If there's a word like that LOL).

Immediately my laptop was on, I started my picking one track to the other and guess what, all the songs that made up the playlist were from my continent of Africa. No doubt this is the playlist for the week.
 I therefore decided to share it and if you have even good tunes from any corner from the continent, share it so we also enjoy your music also.

As I mostly say, don't blame me if I love music more than you do. I live by and with it.

My Afro Playlist start now!! The list below is in no particular order or preference anyway. I can mix them up any time in as much as you find all the tunes in the list.

1. Mafikizolo featuring Uhuru - Khona
2. Lira - Feel Good
3. Zahara - Loliwe
4. Efya - Cigarette
5. Camp Mulla - Party Don't Stop
6. Cwesi Oteng - I Win
7. Tiwa Savage featuring Leo Wonder - Ife Wa Gbona
8. Becca featuring M.I. - No Away
9. Asa - Bibanke
10. Blitz The Ambassador - Dear Africa
11. Mensa - Fanti Love Song
12. Darey - Bani Ki Di
13. LiquiDeep - Come Aboard
14. Cleo Ice Queen featuring JK- Big Dreams
15. Cynthia Morgan - High High High ( Kuche Kuche)

Well some of us don't care if the Grammy's, BET's won't respect our music and acts to really give us the needed platform to excel, we the people of Africa will enjoy our good great music to the fullest and we'll reward ourselves by sticking what we have. When they realize it's so big here and they wanna have a price by sampling our hits, then the industry players will tell them their piece of mind some.

Well I don't know how your playlist for this week is or will be, so hey if you don't mind you can share yours and maybe I'll like a tune from yours to enjoy also.

Have the very best of this week as August really breaks out, I wish each and every one the best in all endeavours as well as aspirations.