Tuesday, 7 January 2014

How I Spent My New Years' Day

And in a twinkle of an eye, 2013 was over and 2014 was ushered in.

It happened that at the transition period, I found myself in church. We had some friends from far and near who worshiped with us into the new year.

Church was done with and it was time to fratenise. Met some new people and reconnected with a few that I had not seen all year through, some of them were out of the country, some out of town due to job and many other circumstances. We shared some jokes and spoke words into each others lives wishing each and everyone the best of the new year.
It was time to get back home to catch some sleep before dawn broke. I reached Nungua at about 3:39 am and had a call from a very good friend asking me to show up immediately at his new year party. He did the same thing last year and it looks like that is his chosen date for any party of a sort from him. I so turned up and it was also a fun time to be remembered. Here i also met some new people and once again reconnected with some old friends. We had interacted on so many issues throughout the year, from social programs to politics, to religion, to marriage and many topics you can think about.

I decided to leave the venue to go back home at around 4:25 am. In as much as I was enjoying the convos with my folks , I was also in one way being entertained in a lengthy chat with a lady friend somewhere in Europe. We shared how the day went, what we all did on that day and what I was doing at the particular moment up and not sleeping. Well that kept me company till I reached home. I decided to catch some sleep as wanted and the next thing bam, I was drowned in my sleep.

Fast forward, some hours later I was up and decided to clean and fix my room a little. I swept, packed a few things up that were not lying in it right place, took out a few cabwebs, laid my bed with a new bed sheet, and dustered my closet. I was exhausted after that and took a short nap after. Later it was midday, so I grabbed some snack and guess what it was, Vita Milk Chocolate and fruit cake. After enjoying that, I went to the showers and sat down to have a plan on how to enjoy the day, either to go out or still stay indoors resting. So I made a few phone calls and some friends came around my house. Boom, the merrymaking had began, a caucus one too ofcourse. 

Some hours later, it was time to go watch the EPL game between the club I support, Tottenham Hotspurs and Manchester United. Instead of watching it at home, we agreed on going to a sports bar and pub to watch it so we can have our freedom to rant and make all the funny comments that comes with watching a football(soccer) game. We then made it to town and when we arrived, we were about 13  minutes late into the game. I was a bit relaxed and was seriously sitting on hooks just waiting for us to go ahead first. Because with our current run of performances, conceding first would have dumpened our spirits of a comeback into the game. Yeeesss!! Was my initial reaction when Adebayor nodded the ball at the back of the Man United net. In fact I was the only true true if I may say Spurs fan in the pub, the rest surely were United haters who just wanted them to loose.

So the game ended 2:1 in favour of my club Spurs and it was all smiles for me and the match day haters of Man United. We hanged around the pub for a little while and we decided to change locations. We visited an eatery joint had some meal and it was about time to call,it a day. On my way home I met a friend who I spoke to earlier at the crossover service. He had wished me a happy new year and was again wishing me for the second time in just one day. It was interesting for me because I had also encountered the same thing some hours back when a female friend also wished me twice on different occasions on the same day.

In all, it was a great day fun filled. I enjoyed every bit of it, I certainly left a few things since I don't want to take all of your time. This is my first blog post for 2014, so I am sure going to be here. Come around my blog often, because I will be updating it with interesting lifestyle post. I love to blog if I have the time.

Wish all my followers and regular visitors from all over the world to my blog the best of 2014. Wish you all have a good one and wish you well in all endeavors. May all your dreams and aspirations be manifested. Believe in yourself and keep pushing till you exhaust all possibilities. It shall be well folks.


Monday, 6 January 2014

CHECK-IN : My Runnings on Foursquare

Social media in the last few years has grown so fast that you just have to think of anything and there is a form of solution to it one way or the other.

In my opinion the mobile boom also pushed for the success of social media and it's involvement on so many platforms for which we can say, interaction and as well as problem solving issues has been initiated.

I have always remembered one thing my Elements of Economics lecturer when I was in university, Dr. Anim said "In everything, learn to adapt than to adopt". I really didn't make meaning to this statement then but after some years of completing my first degree, it made much much sense to me in full glare.

Fast forward to my theme for this blog post, I have been using a lot of social media tools and to be honest acquiring an iPad really exposed me to a whole lot. On the latter, mobile applications sprung up and still springing up for so many problem solving situations, from aviation to diagnostic solutions.

I got attracted to maps hence the application known as Foursquare. Did the initials of signing up and linking them to other platforms like that of twitter, Facebook and later my instagram accounts.

I perfectly remember that my first check-in on the Foursquare app was my Home....I then noticed there were the points marking that was accumulated into points, an add friend section and a few more additions as the days unfolded.

Over a couple of times, I decided to capture the captions that came up after checking in on a location, the reason was how humorous some of the statements were.
Some funny one that easily comes to mind are, "Welcome back! You haven't been home since 2 months ago", "Afua B. is the mayor of xxx place and you are creeping on her turf" "First time here leave a tip" and many more of those if you are conversant or uses this particular application I am talking about.

You will definitely find a few in the photos I will be adding to this post for you to enjoy. I am even planning on adding a video of it if possible. Among all these, there was one occasion that raised my eyebrow a little, I had checked into a few more restaurants within the week and after the fourth one, this notification popped up that I had received a badge and the name of the badge was a Mickey mouse Badge - the reason, I had been sniffing around too many eatery joints in that week. I laughed through for like 20 seconds. That actually prompted me to start capturing some of the notifications that came up after a check-in on the application at least as content for which I am putting up on my blog today.

This isn't a full long one, but I hope you loved reading this. Just check out the few pictures I captured anytime I checked-in with my Foursquare mobile application.

If you don't have an idea of what application I am talking about and you are interested in checking it out. Click the link below on the various platforms your mobile device is running on.
1. iOS
2. Android