Saturday, 18 July 2015

No Place For The Young- We Dey Here Some!!!

It was one fine Saturday evening and was so bored at home and decided to go sit out somewhere and have some drinks.
It wasn't a new thing to me as I have always had alone 'chillaxing' sessions overtime. Prior to this decision, I had heard of this joint on the Spintex road which was fast gaining popularity.

I then told myself to go check it out for myself. I am sure a few of you who live around the Nungua-Spintex Road and its environs will at this point have an idea of where I am talking about. Well sorry not to disappoint you, but won't talk about the place and what it looks like. This post will be about some observations I made during my very first and at this point being last.

Immediately I got there, I noticed a few things but thought it was one of those days that young ladies wanted to go out and make a statement with their clothing. So I at that point just closed my eyes to it and went ahead to find myself a seat so I can place my order for a drink. In looking out for a seat, I heard my name from afar, I turned and saw three friends I know very well who - hear this- doesn't live anywhere near this neighborhood but had heard of the joint for the very reasons I was naive about and had come around to see for themselves and if possible transact some business (You get what I mean).

Moving forward, I joined my friends who already had a table to themselves. We exchange the initial pleasantries  then a seat was arranged for me. We immediately started a conversation where my pals started teasing me of also coming to the joint to do whatever they had heard of and also do whatever was to be done. We all joked about it as I tried to convince them it was my first time and had no idea of the attributes of the said place we were. But you know how boys roll on stuffs like these, they wouldn't be bothered by my explanations whatsoever. I then gave up the convincing and there the waiter came around for my order. I placed it and we continued our conversations.

With those friends I had on that table, there wasn't any topic we didn't talk about. We spoke about the economy, work and how the salary nowadays doesn't foot the bills fully, relationships, rental costs, marriage, girlfriends, and many more.

During our chats, one thing was constant, young ladies with exposing body features, some close to no attire at all hovered around, walking forth and back, some in company of two, whiles some walked alone on the road path as well as through the fun lovers and if I can say on lookers by the side of the road where this pub is located. I then asked my colleagues around what was happening here with all these girls? They laughed very loud and asked me if I was a serious student? The next thing that followed was, why would they move all that far from where they lived to come have drinks here. Explaining they had more places closer to them to go do same so I should open my eyes. They expressed shock at my naivety whiles some of them stressed I was faking up not knowing what happened here every evening. A few jokes and teasing went on and we continued our hangout session.

I decided to shine my eyes as we mostly used it down here and observe for myself. Once every moment I turned, I found either a group of girls with the initial clothing exposé attributes around. Some had cigarettes, smoking it out like some chimney releasing smoke into the air, some being called by young men and some old as such hoping to do business. It then made sense to me the reason why the pub had the huge number of people trooping in and out of that place. 
I guess by now you'll be wondering how all these notes corresponds to my caption to this blog post. Hopefully the next paragraph should get you to it.

The movements of these girls drew so many attention and ours too, obviously in the case of my friends and at that moment my eyes viewing pleasure. Heads definitely rolled from left to right,  back and forth just to catch a glimpse of the various girls around parading their assets and waiting to be called on. In all these head turnings, I spotted some other different group of ladies hanging around in their own small corner is I can say so ( reason they weren't many and were not hovering around like the younger ones).

The spectacle that drew my attention were these elder errm let me say grown women also standing there to also compete with these young girls for the same intentions. Interesting enough,  these grown women, were very different comparing how they looked as compared to their your younger competitors. They were dressed very differently covering up mostly but with those clothes that were suggestive. As the youngest ones exhibited how hot and 'hard' they were by showing off their tattoos on obscure parts of their bodies, exposing of the cleavage, butt lines, smoking here and there to draw the needed attention,  the much older ones, had positioned themselves in a way that proposed to the folks around to also have a look in at them.

I drew my colleagues attention to what I had unraveled for them to observe and confirm whether what I had seen was indeed true or I was reading the wrong meanings into that. Well after a while, they confirmed in the affirmative.  It actually drew some laughter from the guys as they expressed what they were doing there with such clothing.

As the night progressed, it looked like the battle between the young and old was been won by the young ones. The younger ones had more approaches whiles the older ones stood there watching on. A friend made a cracking remark saying, 'Chale people need young blood , you say what?' We joked over these words contributing various sentiments around it for a while.

Well soon I felt satisfied and had enjoyed myself to a point where I thought it was time for me to get back to my bed.

Life indeed is a great one. Look at it in a way that will make your soul appreciate life as it comes. Till my next post, thanks for stopping by to read your time away on my blog.

Thursday, 2 July 2015


A philosopher once stated WORDS really do not have meanings; WE make meanings out of WORDS.

I never got to understand this until a few conversations with some learned friends who broke it down citing examples and also trying to explain from the mind’s eye of this philosopher.

One fine morning, I was a bit tired after a few paper works and decided to log unto Facebook to monitor my timeline on what was running through. I am not a fan of long statements especially when I see the ‘See more’ blue inscription. Scrolling down this particular item from some of the few people I like to read their stuff on my timeline caught my attention. It was a poem so I followed and by the time I was done reading, I was taught another side of love and how it’s expressed.

The writer, a very good friend and yes a good poet at that penned this and shared it with the entire world. But if you missed it and haven’t read it, I bring to you this wonderful piece for which if I am to nominate on any poetry platform, I would gladly do.
It really hits to the core. A lovely piece I will want to have as a copy for myself hence shared here on my blog.

Read on;

I see you mum
I thought i saw you smiling
At the sight of dawn
Though you were but a figment of my imagination
Not that I am hurt
I just miss the purity of your love

I see you mum
With every ray that hits my eye
Dark clouds decide to cover the sun
And i lose sight of you again
No, I am not sad
I just miss your beautiful smile

I see you mum
Singing in the kitchen
I rushed in
Not like I expected the chance
I just miss that sweet voice of yours

I see you mum
Walking pass me at the mall
So I touched you
You turned and looked so different
But I could swear it was you
That long silky hair of yours was the reason

I need you mum
Yes, I have said it
With my heart turning to stone
I need a way out
14 years after, I am wandering

I need you mum
I never finished my cooking lessons
Halfway through
I left and you did too
I came back mum
Why wouldn't you?

I need you mum
Too many people deceiving me with love
How do i tell the right one?
Without you to scrutinize?

I love you mum
Do I even have a choice?
You never failed to see that star
Which existed in my eyes

I love you mum
You genuinely believed I was a special child
That believe kept me going
Did you do that to help me push on?
When you are gone?

Mum, I am all matured now
How I would've pampered you
I am not angry
Neither hurt
I just believe life was most beautiful
When you were around.

Need I say more? I guess not. Very touching right? Honestly we should be grateful to the creator for such gift He grants unto people to bless others. I am sure all the pain they go through to pour out their heart goes a long way to encourage others to push on in life.

LOVE is indeed real and each and everyone of us must make it a point to let all that matter feel and know how well you love and cherish them if the opportunity is available.