Friday, 18 July 2014

When The Pieces are Joined Together

As I journeyed around the country, I was caught up in so many spectacles of the countryside. Some familiar, some beautiful, other disgusting to the eyes, a few mind bugging ones and others that gives hope that are worth tapping.

I happened to be on a project with a production team for a documentary project. I was drafted in to help as a production assistant. It was another experience that was gained and I believe will propel me if any of such similar opportunities are to arise in any of my future endeavors. It afforded me the opportunity to sleep in some very good hotels, enjoyed some sights and sound of the country and met some great people as well,as seasoned production stalwarts, some good township meals and made some valuable networks of people.

As we journeyed along the countryside, by road after connecting via flight in Kumasi to Wa in the a upper West Region, a lot of things caught me eyes. I had a point to shoot camera on me to take some photos and possible videos. This because I love photography and didn't know when I will make that trip up the country again or anytime soon.

Over the years I have been fascinated by the skies after I watched series of videos by Louie Giglio who demonstrated the Awesomeness of God through the galaxies, stars, moon and all that is up skies as we all see with our naked. I am sure you know it's a different thing when you are up there on the least that is what science and astronaumy teaches us. In recent times, photography has also made it a spectacle to look forward to. Shooting the skies, clouds, sunset, sunrise and anything skyline .
On and on as the journey went on, we had several conversations amongst ourselves on various issues ranging from politics, animal life, history, some fun moments in Ghana's history and many more. In all these, I was looking out for something to photograph so I had a very divided attention looking out through the windows of our bus. I at one point spotted a cloud I thought was beautifully shaped and took the first shot of it. 

As you can see above, it was the first of frames I took. I had no idea of the cloud approaching the sun at that particular moment. Here you can see the cloud adrift the sun. Wait till you see the others as you continue to read this post. It made sense to me later. The next frame follows;

Her you realize this very cloud in the first frame is almost close to the sun. Still at this point I was still taking shots of this particular cloud that caught my attention without knowing the spectacle and reason I could make of it.

Now this frame struck me immediately I saw it. I had stopped taking frames of this particular cloud. At this point our bus was more of moving away from this cloud-sun encounter I was experiencing. Luckily for me this was the only shot of frame I had as the cloud immediately drifted from the sun within seconds and luckily again I guess, I got the very one which moved away from the sun. Check it out now;

All these photos as I said earlier in this post, didn't mean anything special to me when I was going through after we had landed in Wa and had checked into our hotel. I was going through them on my camera until I returned to Accra and downloaded all the photos to my computer. Going through it one by one it then struck me. I took several looks to it trying to figure something out from those set. I later realized the sequence of it and with my little photography appreciation, the pieces came together.

It has taken some time to get this post out for whatever reasons I never knew, I always postponed the publishing of this but now I am sharing it with you my various visitors to this blog. I don't mind sending you the untagged copy of these photos if you'll want to use it for any project. Just go ahead and leave a note in the comment box and I will send them.

I hope this post was worth a read. Till the next post, remember that; WHERE PURPOSE IS UNKNOWN OR IGNORED, ABUSE IS INEVITABLE !!