Monday, 7 April 2014

20 Years And Still Counting - Rwanda A country of Hope!

Yesterday, across Rwanda, thousands gathered around in stadiums, churches and community centres to take part in Kwibuka - referred to as Remembrance. It was to mark the start of 100 days which is referred to as the darkest days in human history which occurred 20 years ago. A total of 1 one million people were killed in the Rwanda Genocide among ethnic Tutsis and Hutus.

Paul Kagame, president of the country, launched an official 10 days of mourning with  torch-lighting ceremony to mark the 20th anniversary of the country's Genocide.

In his speech he made mention of 3 Choices that help Rwanda to move past Genocide:
1. We Stayed Together
2. We are accountable, and 
3. We Focus on Peace.
Being a social media person a lot of tweets and solidarity massages came through from all walks of life and i will be sharing a few in this post.

Find below a few of the ceremony photos of how the launch went on. Photo credits are recognized accordingly Getty Images via BBC.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

You Are Greater Than What You Think - FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!

Ponder over these few words that will follow the introduction to this blog. I woke up and decided to have a devotion. One thing I often don't do in as mush as I should be doing regularly as a Christian. I took to my devotional and Bible and at the end of it, I realised these words you are about to read made perfect sense.

I took my pen to write down lessons I learnt from the devotion. I felt so inspired and decided to share with you my regular readers from all over the globe. I hope it makes  sense to you also, as well as give you all a reason to take a second look at life and be appreciative. Call it FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!

A few of the words were rephrased from the devotional material to suit my writing style.

It is not hard to find someone who will give support to the powerful, attention to the famous, notice to the remarkable, or recognition to the accomplished. Virtually everyone is willing to jump on the bandwagon of some well-known, talented, or beautiful person.

But God gives encouragement to the faint. He gives strength to the exhausted. He does not join the crowds hurrying after celebrities; he seeks out the broken-hearted and the overlooked and gives them the greatest honor imaginable -- his attention and his love.

This is not because God is a cosmic talent-scout, finding the individual diamonds in the many roughs throughout the world. It is to those who truly have no merit, who can stake no claim to his assets, who have no might that he sends reinforcements of strength and provision. It is God's grace, not our value, that draws him to hurting, helpless humanity.

While this is humbling -- even humiliating -- to realize, it is also liberating and invigorating. We can let all our collected claims of good works and inherent worth fall around our feet as we reach out to a God who only heals the sick, who only mends the broken, who only gives strength to the powerless.

How do you see yourself? It doesn't matter how others might describe you; perhaps they even consider you among the great, the mighty, the successful. But are you broken-hearted and helpless before the Lord?

If so, then prepare for a strength infusion from the most High himself.

As I always say, Positivity Rules!!