Friday, 27 December 2013

The Reconnection

Does this popular saying ring a bell? "Anything that is meant to be will definitely be"

Some years back when snail mail pen palling was the in thing and a way of forming friendship all over the world was prime I met a young lady from Jamaica. Ok hold on, she didn't become my girlfriend or anything of that sort.

I received her letter in my mailbox box some 10 years or so, I had placed my details and mailing address on a lot of platforms. We begun communication by the exchange of letters and later became very close friends for which we exchanged a lot of items from photos, stamps, and some artistic pieces that I still have with me. She always stated that we will be friends forever and I saw it as one of the words that are used in the heat of any good friendship.

At some point of our friendship, we exchange telephone numbers and we spoke a few times on phone where I had the opportunity to speak to some her family members in Jamaica. The friendship grew that she at so many times wanted to come Ghana. I always wanted here to also come visit as she said if this is how sweet all Ghanaians were, then she'll want to experience it for herself.

In between time we lost contact, and for over 18 months or so communication was cut, anytime I called her, it was either a connection problem, call dropped and a lot that couldn't be explained then. So I decided to send her through our initial communication channel a mail to her address and wrote my cell phone number in the letter that if she got the mail, she could contact me so we rekindle our friendship once again. I never heard from her until somewhere third year in university when I received a foreign call and decided to pick it. She called her name that, "hey! Asheka here from Jamaica, remember me?"
My initial response was, " sure I do remember Asheka...where have you been?" the rest of the story was about reconnecting back as friends.

We had another friendship span for over 24 months there about and we lost contacting each other again. And for this time, it was for a long long time. I lost her number through losing my cellphone  and also lost some of the her letters - Eerm I didn't lose mine via an Alajo tsunami oo.
This time it was over seven years of no communication of a sort, I wrote a letter or two if I remember and had no response so I thought it wise to leave it. I tried several searches online trying to get to meet my only Jamaican connection but all proved futile. Since I had tried a lot of ways to reconnect with her and never had any promising response, I gave up and said to myself that maybe she had decided the least of putting an end to the long distance friendship.

On December 21, 2013 at around 12:56 pm, I received a whatsapp notification on my cell phone and decided to check it out immediately, it had a pretty girl on the Display profile and a +1 country code number followed by the call digits. I wondered who she was as she had changed(before I got to know who she was) so,I decided to ignore the message initially but later decided to play calm and see how the conversation goes with whoever it was. The initial message went like "Hi, how are you doing" which sounded like I was known in a way. I then replied " Hi, I am well thank you. You? "
In the next minute she was online to reply me and the next thing she said was " I am well. It's been years" well the preceding conversation brought our friendship back after seven years or so of non communication. We relived the past of how we shared things, showed her a few of the gifts I still had from her.

It was great reconnecting with her as all through our friendship, she has been such a good person with a good heart, no wonder I always went though almost every corner to try and reconnect with her again. Good friendship do exist!!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Violence against women and girls over the years has been a menace that keeps getting the attention of civil societies and rights organizations but the numbers still keep rising.

I have always wondered why it is so, because any social vice that has enormous voice against it either reduces or is curbed to the barest minimum. Over the years violence against women and girls and if I want to extend it children has taken diverse forms all over the world not excluding my beloved country Ghana. I guess the need to further make all the nose to bring to bare the facts and effects it has on society is far overdue hence my decision to blog on this issue to add my voice to the issue at hand.

I won't really speak much but will demonstrate by posting some quotes of people we respect in every endeavour of our lives and in society and some photos to share my displeasure of those who perpetrate such acts to women and girls as well as children in the society.
We must unite. Violence against women cannot be tolerated, in any form, in any context, in any circumstance, by any political leader or by any government.
-- Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Men must teach each other that real men do not violate or oppress women – and that a woman’s place is not just in the home or the field, but in schools and offices and boardrooms.
-- Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

All forms of violence against women must stop – from the use of rape as a weapon of war to the use of violence by a husband to terrorize his wife within her own home. - Deputy Secretary-General UN Asha-Rose Migiro

It is not enough for women to speak out on the issue, for the message to be strong and consistent, women's voices must be backed by men's - Rep. John Conyers

The first thing which comes to mind when I hear "Violence against Women" is injustice, cruelty and an act which will destroy generations. It hurts me badly. To me it's brutality, butchery and barberry against one of the creations of God. - Syed Mahmood Kazmi

Far too many women in our communities, neighbourhoods, towns villages and cities around the world suffer from various forms of violence and everyone should stand up and unite against it.

I am opting out to stand Up and add my voice against the act against humanity. I will want to use this opportunity to invite each and everyone to add his or her voice in putting an end to Violence against women in our society. 

Stand Up and Be Counted on Violence against Women !!!!!

All media : Online Content( Google Search on Photos)

Monday, 18 November 2013

Full Moon Launch - Wear Ghana Stands Out

It was all hyped on the launch of a brand name in the fashion fraternity here in Ghana.

The campaign was so much driven by social media and to my amazement on that day, it was spectacular the number of persons that turned up at the event at the African Regent Hotel for the launch of Wear Ghana and brainchild of a good friend Awura Abena Agyeman.

It all begun with a 15.11.13 campaign on #Facebook. This stunt in a way, if I may call it so, rose eyebrows especially from mates and colleagues I attended university with as well as other friends in my social circles. As some thought it was my day of getting married, others, thought I was travelling abroad, some also thought I was getting into a new employment. So the question was that, "Yo, what's up on 15.11.13?"

Well I enjoyed the suspense and the triggering of all that they thought was associated to this response to them was "I will keep you posted and update you all when the time is near"

Fast-forward to my theme for this post, so after all the euphoria drawn around this date, it was time to reveal the 'Secret'.... it was the launch of a Brand name that I believe will rock the fashion industry in the coming years #WearGhana.
The Full Moon on Wear Ghana Launch

Now after everything as per the program of the launch had been completed, it was time to network, buy the designs on display, meet up with friends on all the various platform for which the program was advertised. People reconnected especially me, I happened to reconnect with a friend I had during my days as a National Service person at Hohoe Ghana Commercial Bank. He was at Barclays bank, I had not seen him after his wedding four years ago and it was a great occasion to met him once again. We re-lived our exploits on weekends, the fun times and everything that made our period as friends there a great one.

Well the hall way to and from the shop where most of the interactions went on was so packed that, the air-conditioned hallway was very hot and I begun sweating...yes everybody knows that I sweat profusely with the slightest heat. So I took a stroll out to stand in-front of the hotel to catch some fresh air.

Immediately I was out, I raised my head up, and a beautiful spectacle gripped my sight, it immediately dawned on me that 'Today is definitely the perfect day for Debbie ( as I affectionately call her) to launch her Brand'.

The rest is history and the day ended with lots of fun that will surely for a long time to come be remembered as a great day to be proud of.

So before I end this blog here is a Public Service Announcement (PSA) from Wear Ghana : Be sure to visit the Wear Ghana pop-up shop inside the African Regent Hotel from now till November 27th, 2013 to grab that special outfit for the upcoming festive season. You can also talk to our sales team there or pick up a call card to order something truly exclusive. At Wear Ghana, we prioritize orders, because we like for our outfits to match and accentuate the personalities of our clients. You are Unique. Your Outfit should be too. Wear Ghana #StandOut

For more information and orders, Contact Wear Ghana by clicking on this link.

Here are a few of the designs from Wear Ghana

Thursday, 24 October 2013


I don't get this Russian government and their case against the #Artic30 crew. Initially you charge them for #Piracy and put them behind bars ( they are still in anyway) amidst all the world changers and officials advocating for their release.

To make matters more annoying, you now bring a new charge that they are #hooligans and not #Pirates. Come on, I will prefer being a hooligan protecting that which will grant us a better future in terms of climate and safe environment than to be a "runaway can't stand the kitchen heat" advocate.

Charges against the #Arctic30 are disproportionate in my opinion and that which annoys as well as amazes me is that on October, 18th 2013 marked exactly 30 days of injustice when these Artic crew were arrested and put behind bars.

trust me, hooliganism is not any better than the initial charge of them being pirates so friends don't believe the hype of this new statements being bundled around. Well for your information, they could go in for the long haul of up to 7 years if judgement is ruled against them.

I know that some influential personalities in society has made a lot of calls for the release of the team but the Russian Federal security wont bulge. About eleven (11) Noble Prize Laureates made several calls and appeals for their release but they still find themselves behind the Russian bars.

I will want to take the opportunity to appeal to anyone who reads my blog at this moment to lend their voice on the campaign and support the call to RELEASE AND FREE THE ARTIC 30 CREW NOW.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Blog Action Day Post

Today being Blog Action Day, its bringing together bloggers from different countries, interests and languages together to talk about one important global issue. The topice for this year chosen is human rights, one which is at the core of sexual and reproductive health and rights anywhere on the globe.


Article 26 of the Universal Declaration for Human Rights states, “Everyone has the right to education” yet, 57 million children are currently out of school and denied this human right.  There are many reasons why these children are out of school.  Some come from poor families and are called on to work outside the home or watch siblings, some are malnourished, and others are out of school because they are disabled, a girl, a minority or a combination of other factors that conspire to keep them out of school.

Women and Human Rights
I personally believe that what we call “women’s issues” are issues that matter to all humans, and that girls’ and women’s rights should be advocated for as human rights.

Ending gender-based violence falls under the category of safety within the Girl Declaration, yet it directly impacts every other goal area: education, health, economic security and citizenship. For a girl to be educated, healthy, economically secure, and a fully participating citizen, she needs to be free from violence grants and promotes human rights to be enjoyed.

 Available statistics only represent the tip of the iceberg, as stigma, shame, and threats often prevent survivors of violence from reporting their assaults.

On this Blog Action Day, I call and advocate for an end to gender-based violence as a key global priority for all people. The girls of today have spoken—they want a world free from violence, so that they can attend school, access essential health services, and advocate for their rights.

The needs and perspectives of girls  were left out of the original Millennium Development Goals. Together, voices can be raised in support of a new development framework that prioritizes girls and women, that guarantees their rights as human rights, and that considers every person as deserving a life free from violence.

There is a link between human rights and conservation of nature

Conservationists are in the human rights business even though many don’t think of conservation in this way. The purview of conservation has been to protect and safeguard our natural resources and environment for current and future use and enjoyment. But conservation and human rights are in fact closely linked.

Health and Human Rights

I believe as the saying goes a healthy mind is a body and obviously, being healthy and having access to better healthcare is very fundamental to every human. In the last years or couple of them, there has been a huge rise in what is referred to as Neglected Tropical Disease #NTDs. I have devoted my time to the campaign of soliciting of funds as well as propagate the need to be aware of the illness and how cheap it is to help cure it. Here is a little campaign video for you to watch.
This video is hard to watch and the diseases are gruesome. But i am putting this up here because i want to see an end to these diseases by 2020

Well before I end this short blog on this day, my photos below just speaks for itself. We are one people, let's respect and treat each other right. 


Saturday, 5 October 2013

Thank You a 30 Times !!!

My life over the years has seen so many changes and dramatic ones as such. Along the way, I met some true friends, some I still have, some I lost along the way either by location change, settlement, work etc.

In all these, I enjoyed every bit of it. I tried to give my all in many of those relationships I was in with them not forgetting the human nature in me, I am sure I might not have been perfect in some of those relationships, but as I always try to reconcile and make peace, I had this and still have this to say any time.... Life is best what you make of if taking into consideration the opportunities that abounds and surround you, so take into consideration what is right and believe in it and be sure and fast to accept the wrong, apologies and move on.

Last Monday, September 30th 2013, I turned 30 years. That I am grateful to the Almighty God for keeping me and my life to see this number of years on earth. I have gone through tremendous illnesses, and accident that could have taken my life, a stomach disorder that required some operations, and many more that I can't mention all of them here.

On that day, I was overwhelmed by the love showed me by friends from far and near. With my social media networking presence, I was blown away by the various messages and wishes as well as prayers  proclaimed unto my life. Facebook as usual had the bunch, then it turned to twitter and then Instagram, emails, whatsapp and many more. I had virtually all day reading messages and wishes. It was fun and enjoying to know that one had some remembering friends.

Well my plot for writing this blog post, is to express my profound gratitude to each and every one, who called, texted, whatsapped, prayed, Facebooked, twittered at me, emailed me etc. I am very much grateful once again and want to use this opportunity to say THANK YOU A 30 TIMES. may the almighty grant you all your heart desire and all that you wish as well as aspire for. I will never forget this gesture done to me. You will all be remembered.



Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Summary: IPCC Report

The issue of climate change no doubt is a big issue that a section of the world find it difficult to believe that it's happening. As the world were in shock and wonder how the Westgate Mall terror acts would end, some of us were waiting on Friday, 27th September, 2013 for the IPCC report.
A few things came up and as I gathered in summary from the climate journals, websites as well as co-climate championing organisations all over this is what I have to share with my readers of this blog.
Leading climate scientists said on Friday they were more certain than ever before that mankind was the main culprit of global warming in a report meant to guide governments in dealing with rising temperatures. After reading, I find the following key facts standing out;
Following are the report's findings agreed by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) :
1. Human responsibility
The panel raised the probability that human activities, led by the burning of fossil fuels, are the main cause of global warming since the mid-20th century to "extremely likely", or at least 95 per cent, from "very likely" (90 per cent) in its previous report in 2007 and "likely" (66 per cent) in 2001.
2. Slowing warming this century
The panel said that short, individual periods, such as 1998 which was an exceptionally warm year, are influenced by natural variability and do not, in general, reflect long-term climate trends.
3. Projected warming
The panel said temperatures were likely to rise by between 0.3 and 4.8 degrees by the late 21st century. The report uses new computer models that are not directly comparable with scenarios in 2001.
4. Sea level rise
Sea levels are likely rise by between 26 and 82 cm by the late 21st century, after a 19cm rise in the 19th century. In the worst case, seas could be 98cm higher in the year 2100. The 2001 report projected a rise of 18 to 59cm, but did not take full account of a melt in Antarctica and Greenland.
5. Climate sensitivity
The report estimates that a doubling of carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere would lead to a warming of between 1.5 and 4.5 degrees, lowering the bottom of the range from 2 degrees estimated in 2007 report. The new range, however, is the same as in other IPCC reports before 2007.
One might wanna ask the basis for the report and the essence of it and why they should be interested in it. Well I took the time to research for the simplified summary online and below is what the conversation on IPCC entails.
The Conversation
The part of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report, dealing with the physical basis of climate change, has now been released.
The report – released on Friday in Stockholm – is more than 2000 pages long, has assessed nearly 10,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies, most of them published since the previous assessment in 2007, and (as with previous assessments) went through three rounds of  detailed review by 1089 expert and government reviewers worldwide to ensure balance and accuracy.
So what new does it have to say about our climate problem?
The short answer, at least with respect to the big picture: not much. Despite a recent slowdown of surface ocean warming, the world is still warming and humans are still behind most if not all of the change. Much larger changes loom in the future if business-as-usual continues. If emissions come down, those changes won’t be as bad.
Little progress has been made in narrowing the range of future global warming rates or quantifying the role of aerosols (airborne particles such as soot) in offsetting the warming to date. Confidence in regional predictions of climate remains low. This does not mean, however, that no progress has been made.
Climate Watch Ghana
First, the report does ratchet up confidence in the basics. Each of the last three decades has been successively warmer that any preceding decade since widespread observations began in 1850. While previous reports already stated that the world is warming, and that human greenhouse gas emissions (mainly carbon dioxide) were causing warming, AR5 expresses 95 per cent certainty that the latter caused more than half of the former.
Indeed, human activities can account for all the observed warming, and there is no evidence of a significant contribution from natural causes. This warming is now more clearly evident in the deep ocean. We are also more confident in the positive feedback on global warming by water vapour, clouds, and the net release of CO2 from perturbed ecosystems.
Projected warming by 2100 is still about 3-5 degrees above 2005, under the high-emissions scenario. AR5 takes a longer view than previous reports, noting that the most likely global warming by 2200 under this scenario is a shocking 9 degrees above preindustrial. It also expands its consideration of the palaeoclimate record indicating that the last three decades were likely the warmest of the last 1400 years.
There has been a lot of fuss about the slower warming over the past 10-15 years, which AR5 acknowledges and attributes at least in part to natural variations within the climate system. AR5 also acknowledges that short term trends are a poor indicator of long term changes.
When combined with all other evidence this has a fairly small effect on the conclusions, reflected in a range of 1.5 to 4.5 degrees per doubling of CO2 for the so-called “equilibrium climate sensitivity”. This is a return to the range in the first three assessment reports but broader than the 2 to 4.5 degree range assessed in 2007. The upper limit of the “transient climate response", a related measure, is also down by 0.5 degrees.
New studies have shifted a few conclusions on the question of whether predicted changes can be detected in past observations. It is now clear that both major ice sheets and nearly all glaciers are melting. High-rainfall events (behind disasters such as recent Queensland floods) now seem to be heavier in many places.
But AR5 expresses less confidence that tropical cyclones are on the increase globally or that there are more droughts globally. This does not mean these things aren’t happening but reflects a more nuanced understanding of how difficult it is to confirm them based on the imperfect information available.
Projected future climate changes remain what they have been for years: hotter summers and heatwaves, milder winters, heavier extreme rains, and longer periods between rain in most places.
Probably the biggest change since 2007 is that sea level by 2100 in the high-emissions scenario is now expected to be 0.5-1m.
One new topic not covered in previous IPCC assessments is climate geoengineering, including measures to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or to reflect more sunlight to space in order to offset the impact of emissions. The report is not optimistic about either option. Reflecting additional sunlight to space is possible but carries many risks and does not fully address the impacts of CO2. The IPCC mitigation assessment, due in early 2014, is likely to take this topic up further.
Do we need another blockbuster IPCC report in 2019? Possibly not. As we authors can now attest from personal experience, these reports require a massive investment of time.
Some advocate changing to a system more like the US Climate Change Science Program, run about a decade ago, in which smaller and more frequent reports are targeted at key areas of interest to policymakers. This idea, or other possible innovations, deserves serious consideration and was trialled in the IPCC’s SREX (Special Report on Extremes) published in 2011.
The trend in the last several IPCC reports has been growing certainty about the basic things that we already thought we knew. This collectively gives us every reason to think that CO2 emissions are a serious problem – but with little reduction in stubborn projection uncertainties.
The take-home message may simply be that while scientists should continue to strive for improvement, policymakers and the public had best get on with decisions based on the information at hand, rather than hoping for a crystal ball to appear.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Turn the Heat Up- Climate Change is Happening Now !!!

"Climate change is not happening at all". "You can't prove that the world is getting warmer".

Well this is where big oil and big coal organisation love these myths but that exactly what they are myth.

The Climate Reality Project plans to destroy myths like these once and for all. These and many reasons why the Climate Watch Ghana team and I are supporting this campaign. Therefore The Climate Reality Project needs your help to do it and take the heat up. Climate Watch Ghana is joining hands in turning the heat up on anti-Science deniers in the fossil fuel industry and beyond with the Put the Heat on Denial Campaign.

As they are starting by debunking the myth that climate change is not happening just to benefit and enrich their co-operations.

As a matter of fact, Temperatures keep rising around the world and there's no denying it. But these big oil and coal set ups are doing their best, spending big money to spread the big doubt about Climate change.

Please follow Climate Watch Ghana as we will be joining such campaigns to bring to bare for all to be aware of the current situations at hand. Hence join Reality Drop and debunk the "It's Not Happening" myth. You can also use the special application to create more real facts from the myths.

Your voice is so important to spread the truth and put the heat on denial.

Climate change is happening now. Debunk the myth that it's not happening. Act Up Now and save the future.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Bitter Sweet Experience - My morning with Brown Gold Cocoa Bevarage

I have always been accused of skipping my breakfast several times.

I have had my siblings, parents and a few friends I have lived with hit me hard on that behaviour. I always and still don't feel it's an issue anyway. I am just not an early eater if I may put it that way.

I remember an auntie who is a retired nurse once visited our home, and recognized this behaviour of mine. I didn't know I had it coming I would have prepared to face her or better still avoid her completely so she doesn't get me to the court room of breakfast eating hence my charges laid to my face amidst scholding and warnings.

One morning I went to the kitchen to pick up a fruit which I do often instead of having breakfast as they all recommend, there and behold was my auntie standing right there boiling water for bathing, the weather was pretty cold. She waited for me to finish washing my fruit then BAM, lectures begun on breakfast and my repeated habit of skipping. Apparently, my mum had told her about my poor and unstructured eating habit. I guess that was where my breakfast issue came up for discussion. Well I guess you know how the conversation will go and end.

Fast forward to my plot for this post. It was on a motive to have breakfast and decided to for the first time try the brown Gold cocoa powder beverage product. I had seen my paps earlier taking it so I decided then let me try this for the first time.

Well I had my hot water ready, then I took my teaspoon for my first scoop of the beverage. All along I had no idea of the taste of this raw cocoa product for which I had heard over and over again that it was a good product, good for one's heart hence healthy for the human body. I then went in for my second scoop, and added a third into my cup. Then I poured my milk into the cup for my mixture to be ready to receive the hot water.

At this point hot water had been added to my mixture and it was time to taste if my beverage was ready to be downed alongside my bread. And for the experience after tasting my mixture is left for you to try and have your own experience........ Gosh!! It was as bitter as the word bitter, I had over scooped the cocoa beverage bit too much that the milk incorporated wasn't even relevant at any level of sweetness. I tried adding more milk, tweaa, the bitterness level was still killing, then I decided to add sugar which I often don't do with my beverages, but still my cup won't respond from being bitter to sweet.

I then went to my paps to ask how and why was it that bitter, and the first question I was asked was, how many scoops of the teaspoon did you take and I told him, three , immediately he burst out laughing at me. He even continued to tell me a story about his cousin who came to visit him one day and thought that was milo therefore scooping a lot of it and could not tackle it. He told me because of its bitterness, the maximum I should have scooped was one and a half. Funny enough he picked a phone and called my mum to join in the hooting session, soon my mum was on loud speaker and they were both like seriously laughing at me paa.

I then went back to the kitchen to do some damage control and soon I was having my breakfast as they all wanted and expected me to do every morning. Aside all that it was a great morning and the day followed suit. An experience that was well gained. But I promise you I will get my paps and mums, when their time comes where I happen to be on the laughing side I am sure going to blog about it and the cause of it.
As always thanks for stopping by to be a part of my blog. Have the best of your day and week as a whole. Never give up the fight because you can't stop fighting if your opponent hasn't given up fighting back at you.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My First Book Launch Attendance

I have always liked reading and as we all know, knowledge is power.
I was invited by my good friend Bright to attend a program. It was a book launch event. I accepted the request and bookmarked the date so it didn't pass me by.
The day of the event came and I was there to observe. I was a little late.
The program was very precise and straight to the point. The chairman for the event was Dr. Michael Agyekum Addo.
His chairmanship response was so on point and that showcased his passion and zeal for entreprenuership to thrive on our economy and country as a whole.
He interlaced his speech with the seasons and centurion times with its accompanying state of development. The age and it's entrepreneurship ventures at the time, using Kwame Nkrumah's era of vision and ideologies.
He is one entrepreneur I really respect and admire because he has the VIM vibe and desire to see a lot of people decide and be entrepreneurs.

Then came the main speaker for the event. She was in the person of Mrs. Hannah Armo Haimson who is the HR Director of NBSSI. Her speech was spot on and she shared more light on the ventures that the NBSSI were into. She later delved into the reason and motive for the book as well as some excepts  of the book. She later made a great assertion that, " When the last entrepreneur dies, the last man dies" taking a cue from "When the last tree dies, the last man dies".

Comments were made from the chairman where he conducted a few illustrations of us as a people using our left side imaginative brain of thinking than we using the right to help us reach higher heights. He mentioned situations where he made various interventions to push entrepreneurship dreams by exposing them to the general public but to no avail. He conducted many of those that some of the audience had wrong hence confirming his sentiments.

Another observation i encountered was that of the invited guest not showing up after confirming and promising to be there. One of those was the minister of Youth & Sports, Elvis Ankrah, Dr. Gifty Anti and a few more for which some funny reasons were given therefore not worthy of me putting up in this post.

The book launch proper started and the procedure was an open bid then. People made very meaningful bids and raised a very respectable contribution to the young writer. In as much as this was going on, we we enjoying some sweet melodies from a pianist brought to spice up things in the hall. It was such soothing especially as these melodies were from home. This made a lot of people in the hall got acquainted to that as well.

It was an experience and I enjoyed every session of it. I made a few new friends, networking and acquaintances during the refreshment session.

The next thing was to find my way home to call it a day.
Author :        Mary Ayisi

Copies can be attained in all the major bookshops in the country. Grab a copy and trust me the book is full of knowledge worth attaining and sharing.

Monday, 5 August 2013

The African Vibe -My Playlist

Music they say is the food for the soul. Well for me it's a refreshing lifestyle which soothes the mind and whole mental framework.

I woke up this morning feeling all music loving, but this time the craving was a little different from the usual, Hip hop, Christian Rock, or even listening to my favorite sports shows.

Over the years I have always loved music from all over the world but not so much from my continent because it was in a way not very much accessible. Thanks to the internet super higher, things seems to have become a little easier now in terms of accessibility.

Over these few weeks I have had a few favorites from the continent no doubt I woke up this feeling all songy songy (If there's a word like that LOL).

Immediately my laptop was on, I started my picking one track to the other and guess what, all the songs that made up the playlist were from my continent of Africa. No doubt this is the playlist for the week.
 I therefore decided to share it and if you have even good tunes from any corner from the continent, share it so we also enjoy your music also.

As I mostly say, don't blame me if I love music more than you do. I live by and with it.

My Afro Playlist start now!! The list below is in no particular order or preference anyway. I can mix them up any time in as much as you find all the tunes in the list.

1. Mafikizolo featuring Uhuru - Khona
2. Lira - Feel Good
3. Zahara - Loliwe
4. Efya - Cigarette
5. Camp Mulla - Party Don't Stop
6. Cwesi Oteng - I Win
7. Tiwa Savage featuring Leo Wonder - Ife Wa Gbona
8. Becca featuring M.I. - No Away
9. Asa - Bibanke
10. Blitz The Ambassador - Dear Africa
11. Mensa - Fanti Love Song
12. Darey - Bani Ki Di
13. LiquiDeep - Come Aboard
14. Cleo Ice Queen featuring JK- Big Dreams
15. Cynthia Morgan - High High High ( Kuche Kuche)

Well some of us don't care if the Grammy's, BET's won't respect our music and acts to really give us the needed platform to excel, we the people of Africa will enjoy our good great music to the fullest and we'll reward ourselves by sticking what we have. When they realize it's so big here and they wanna have a price by sampling our hits, then the industry players will tell them their piece of mind some.

Well I don't know how your playlist for this week is or will be, so hey if you don't mind you can share yours and maybe I'll like a tune from yours to enjoy also.

Have the very best of this week as August really breaks out, I wish each and every one the best in all endeavours as well as aspirations. 

Friday, 26 July 2013

Climate Issues My Views, Reality and Thoughts

The phrases CLIMATE CHANGE and GLOBAL WARMING and more recently GLOBAL COOLING are now part of our lives and rarely does a day go by without a mention in the press or on the radio of the possible causes of climate change and its consequences.

Climate change has come upon us in a relatively short space of time and is accelerating with alarming speed. It is perhaps the most serious problem that the civilized world has had to face.

"We are moving towards a technological and economic tipping point" that could reshape energy use and drastically reduce emissions.

The longer we delay decreasing emissions, the more we are going to have to spend on adaptation. Many countries are addressing climate change out of their own need and national interest.
When we think about Copenhagen we need to think about "what did we learn and what is different now.

What is different is governments have agreed to come to an agreement and many more extreme weather events have hit many countries. But in all this, there are others that are adamant of the real and occurring current facts of the issue with climate science.

It has become evident that disaster, climate risks are becoming impediments to poverty reduction. Some might disagree but there are research findings that prove this. To support this statement here is a link for your reading attention : VIDEO:‬ Climate Change in ‪‎Africa‬ Will Hit the ‪Poor‬ the Hardest.

In spite of all the publicity and coverage and indeed in the face of real evidence, there are many dissenting voices who either do not accept that climate change is taking place or that anthropogenic gases and compounds, such as carbon dioxide, are responsible for the major effect.

Well I can also add another link to buttress my case of climate risk impeding poverty reduction. In a situation where governments need to channel resources into providing the basic amenities for the poor, there will be the pressing need to tackle the high risks of Climate change. Read this World Bank report : The climate crisis will lock millions into poverty according to a new World Bank report .

I am not done yet with this post. I will surely add more to this post. I might edit this or do another post.


Friday, 12 July 2013

The Sky is not the Limit- Reach For The Stars !!

This post comes in a way of me beefing up myself and dusting off the mishaps that has hit me all week.

This week begun with uncertainty, and followed with some string of disappointments from all angles which was really unexpected hence taking me a bit backwards.

Later in the day yesterday Thursday , 11th July, I felt so down in a way that I needed some hard music to blast out my state of being at that moment. I decided on a album and immediately his #willpower album came to mind as it hard some heavy beats that could really blast out of my surround sound speakers.

I know a few of my Christian friends will go like, where was your Bible, or why not a gospel music? Well I will understand you all but the fact of the matter is, at that particular moment, that was the album (music) that came to mind right away because I remembered that album had a song that really spoke some real LIFE talk issue. It was very motivating the first time I listened to it when I laid hands on that album.

Fellow Christians no need to worry, our faith hasn't been lost yet. The Lord God is with me and I can also confidently say that there are much more circular artist who sing very good songs that motivates, encourages, appreciates life and every good thing that can be comparable to tagged gospel music and their artists. I am hoping this issue won't be dragged because I won't argue with anyone about this on any day for any reason. We all know the world in which we live in as well as various reason people have for choosing a genre or trade in order to either impact on the life of people or for material gains.

Back to my main plot for this blog.

Listening through the hard bumping beats, I felt a bit relieved as it seemed to have calmed my mind and was at the moment not thinking of all that had gone through my life the past week(s). Then the tune that really spoke to me on the very first time I listened to the album came on - "REACH FOR STARS" is the track. I won't talk much about the track because the lyrics in the tune should send you the message itself. This track really gave me some sudden hope and belief to immediately get out of my bed and be back to myself. I had it on replay for about 12 times. Every time it repeated, I felt I heard a new thing or line that was telling me to be strong and focused and push further.

I am sure you remember my previous post "Thank You Stars " . 

I am sure as they say, everything work together for good and the Almighty knows it all so I am not worried about these things now. I will always meet them disappointments as well as the folks that administer them.

Just have a look at the lyrics of this tune I am talking about and tell me, if the tune won't be worth a listen as well as applying it to your life. Here we go;

Why they say the sky is the limit
When i've seen the footprints on the moon
Why they say the sky is the limit
When i've seen the footprints on the moon
And I know the sky might be high
But baby it ain't really that high
And I know that mars might be far
But baby it ain't really that far
Let's reach for the stars

Reach for the stars
Let's reach for the stars
Reach for the stars
Let's reach for the stars
Reach for the stars
Let's reach for the stars

(let me see your hands up)

Can't nobody hold us back
They can't hold us down
They can't keep us back
Tiers to the ground
Told your people that we don't mess around
When we're trying out
Please don't turn this down
We will turn it up
Louder than it was before
Like the lion at the jungle, you can hear us roar
When I lie hear, it's like a sonic blaster
Flying just like nasa, out of space master

Hands up, reach for the stars
Hands up, get 'em up high
Hands up, if you really feel alive
Live it up, live it up

Why they say the sky is the limit
When i've seen the footprints on the moon
Why they say the sky is the limit
When i've seen the footprints on the moon
And I know the sky might be high
But baby it ain't really that high
And I know that mars might be far
But baby it ain't really that far
Let's reach for the stars

Reach for the stars
Let's reach for the stars
Reach for the stars
Let's reach for the stars
Reach for the stars
Let's reach for the stars

I believe that you will now understand why I seem to love this tune from a circular artist. This time reading the lyrics should obviously cut across all walks of life and make you want to take your life a step higher. Well life they say is what you make of it, so if you think there is no need to get up, dust yourself up and take that VIM bold step in Reaching for the Stars, sorry because I want to. In a way this blog post is to motivate a fellow friend, colleague, acquaintance, dad, mum and all who might find themselves in one situation or the other which in effect has dampened their spirits and about to give up. It's not time to give up yet. The sky has always been the limit, that's what we have been told all these years but from the tune and lyrics above, there are footprints on the moon, so let's reach for higher things like reaching the moon, or the stars.

I am also climbing the ladder of self belief and self actualisation, so if you see me laughing all through, it might not seem that all is well with me, but I have decided not to brood over my inabilities, but to smile through them because obviously, I see succes, and light at the end of the tunnel.

As I always say #POSITIVITYRULES. Have the best of life and thanks for sharing your day with me by stopping by on this blog to read this piece. I appreciate this very much and hope this at least taught you something this day.


Album Art : Will I Am
Lyrics :
Download Album - itunes :  #willpower Album

Monday, 24 June 2013

When Actions of Officials Can Turn People Away- My experience with a GRA Officer.

It was a fine patchy weather day as I decided to go get some documentation for a few clients of mine.

I entered the Registrars' General's Department around 1 pm and headed straight to the Ghana Revenue Authority section of the building. After going through the filled forms, I was directed to go to the vetting section where, your forms filled to gain a Tax Identification Number (TIN) is assessed.

When I entered the vetting room there were a few applicant there so I had to wait in the queue till it was my turn to be vetted.

There were three desks in that office and three ladies if I may refer to them as such. During the time of vetting, one of them excused herself to go and have her lunch hence the number of official dropping to just two. We were quite a number in the office but the vetting process wasn't much of a serious task in my opinion as I tried to know what the vetting was about in stretching my neck and trying to make myself comfortable by moving around in that small space.

And within a speck of the moment or what my very good friend, Abena Adobea would say, a twinkle of an eye, one of the female official had begun firing applicants with an unacceptable tone. The reason, the applicant didn't fill the forms well. This lady official flurred up and was ranting as if this young guy had caused financial loss to the state in making a simple mistake of not getting what was tagged a landmark of his place of residence. This official who was having lunch I guess in the office was wild on the the applicant's forms, ranting, cancelling just anyhow anywhere she found a mistake on the form and at the same time eating here roasted pona (Yam).

Well soon it was my turn, I thought that was very unfortunate for an official to treat someone who had volunteered to come register for such a state directive. We all know that in this country of ours people don't do such things normally unless there is an ultimatum of a sort and even that one, it has to be the last minute syndrome act of responsibility.

With experience from the previous applicant and that lady official, I prepared my mind to face this woman boot for boot if she attempted anything of that on me. Then BOOM, she spotted something and started talking, mine was a mother's maiden name issue. She began her usual rant of you people should read, everything is on the form and so on and so forth. I initially didn't want to give her an ear and decided to play cool with her but she won't just stop talking, so I also raised my voice and asked her, what she meant by that. I also told her I was born to know my mother by the name I had written, so what was her justification of she trying to ridicule me in front of the other people. She hesitated a bit and kept quite. So i turned my head and another lady officer who was also in the same room conducting such service or vetting gave me an eye indicating I keep quite.

So I took the forms and left the office to call my mum to find out what name she had used before my father came to her parents to pay for her (ntri nsa) dowry. I returned and there was this woman heckling another applicant about the forms. This time she was vetting two forms from two students from the University of Ghana who told me later in chat that, they came there voluntarily to get their TIN so that they don't come there again in the situation where they had a job immediately after school. My other colleague who was with me experiencing the behaviour left angry after telling this official his piece of mind. Those two university guys also left without returning the forms again to be ridiculed by that lady officer.

But in all this, there were some nice official there in the same office who, welcomed and smiled to you and would direct you and ask you the needed question to guide and help you fill the forms correctly. After getting the details from my mum I was really waiting to meet this first lady officer again and really tell her some 'paa'. I am sure this second lady saw how puffed up i was, called me cooled me down and asked me if I wanted her to look at my forms and vet it.  I agreed and she was such a sweet young lady. She went through it thoroughly and asked the needed questions in a respectful way that I even regretted having that thought of going to react rudely to the other official.

Well I simply told myself that, if all the personnel here were like this young lady and the other third lady official in the department, I am sure, things would have been very much appreciated and all those who voluntarily came to pick up these Tax Identification Numbers, will come there and leave happy and not be rudely and bullishly embarrassed. Who knows the number of people who might have walked away due to this official's attitude of rudeness?

I am sure this sort of behaviour might have been experienced by you reading this post in one set up or the other whether it being a government institution especially or a private one. The authorities who head such organisations should really check some of these little things that might rip the country of revenue - this with reference to governmental agencies and departments.

If we get our acts right, this country will reach the heights that we all yearn for. God Bless our Homeland Ghana!!!

Photo Credit : Ghana Revenue Authority - GRA Logo
Photo Credit : Google

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