Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Letter To K.B. - My Tribute!!!

Dear Ghetto KB,

Our lives made pure
In another realm

I first heard your music on a radio station. Your song especially that particular one was unique and no wonder it was repeated couple of times before the show ended.

I then asked myself who was this artist that did this tune, the reason being that, this particular tune spoke a lot of sense and personally motivated me that very afternoon. I then went online to ask the host of that show and there a connection was made. I went ahead to download the tune and for the next few days, it was my joint to the envy of my siblings. It was on repeat all day.

I remember tweeting at you to salute you and your response was even more encouraging. In a short while, I had learnt the lyrics of this song. 

I later found out that you had done other good tunes that were enjoying airplay all over the airwaves but to me this particular tune was my gig to cherish

For a tune that will have lines like;

"The truest form of love is how you behave towards them not how you feel about them"

"Closed in a room, my imagination becomes the universe and the rest of the world is missing out".

"So never give up, never give in and never stop trying. Don't ever sell out and if you find yourself succumbing to any of the above for a brief moment, pick yourself up brush, yourself off, whisper a prayer and start where you left off but never ever give up".

It obviously gave me the conclusion that, its the best rap song I had heard all year even though the year is still young.

Maybe I should have written this letter to you earlier for you to know one of your songs made a strong impact on me at a point where my life was in a downfall and being faced with a lot of decisions to make. It's also very sad that with all the talent your maker grated you, you didn't use it alone but shared it by contributing to a lot of people's music careers.

As young as you lived, I am sure your life was well spent because you always wanted to do this and make a mark. To me, this mark is made.

As we all can't question life, I have the strongest of beliefs that you will be resting in perfect peace. Shuttered myself and a couple of friends I had a chat with about you were of the view you should have stayed alive a few more years but the creator knows best.

I wish I could have met you before you left but it was never meant to be. Maybe just maybe, we might meet somewhere if it should happen. Enough tears we can't shed but I will personally be consoled by your LETTER TO RAP song.

Bless the tides that be. Demirifa Due

Sadly yours,

Thanks David Nikoi for the short piece on Death. Very much appreciate the gesture.