Friday, 27 December 2013

The Reconnection

Does this popular saying ring a bell? "Anything that is meant to be will definitely be"

Some years back when snail mail pen palling was the in thing and a way of forming friendship all over the world was prime I met a young lady from Jamaica. Ok hold on, she didn't become my girlfriend or anything of that sort.

I received her letter in my mailbox box some 10 years or so, I had placed my details and mailing address on a lot of platforms. We begun communication by the exchange of letters and later became very close friends for which we exchanged a lot of items from photos, stamps, and some artistic pieces that I still have with me. She always stated that we will be friends forever and I saw it as one of the words that are used in the heat of any good friendship.

At some point of our friendship, we exchange telephone numbers and we spoke a few times on phone where I had the opportunity to speak to some her family members in Jamaica. The friendship grew that she at so many times wanted to come Ghana. I always wanted here to also come visit as she said if this is how sweet all Ghanaians were, then she'll want to experience it for herself.

In between time we lost contact, and for over 18 months or so communication was cut, anytime I called her, it was either a connection problem, call dropped and a lot that couldn't be explained then. So I decided to send her through our initial communication channel a mail to her address and wrote my cell phone number in the letter that if she got the mail, she could contact me so we rekindle our friendship once again. I never heard from her until somewhere third year in university when I received a foreign call and decided to pick it. She called her name that, "hey! Asheka here from Jamaica, remember me?"
My initial response was, " sure I do remember Asheka...where have you been?" the rest of the story was about reconnecting back as friends.

We had another friendship span for over 24 months there about and we lost contacting each other again. And for this time, it was for a long long time. I lost her number through losing my cellphone  and also lost some of the her letters - Eerm I didn't lose mine via an Alajo tsunami oo.
This time it was over seven years of no communication of a sort, I wrote a letter or two if I remember and had no response so I thought it wise to leave it. I tried several searches online trying to get to meet my only Jamaican connection but all proved futile. Since I had tried a lot of ways to reconnect with her and never had any promising response, I gave up and said to myself that maybe she had decided the least of putting an end to the long distance friendship.

On December 21, 2013 at around 12:56 pm, I received a whatsapp notification on my cell phone and decided to check it out immediately, it had a pretty girl on the Display profile and a +1 country code number followed by the call digits. I wondered who she was as she had changed(before I got to know who she was) so,I decided to ignore the message initially but later decided to play calm and see how the conversation goes with whoever it was. The initial message went like "Hi, how are you doing" which sounded like I was known in a way. I then replied " Hi, I am well thank you. You? "
In the next minute she was online to reply me and the next thing she said was " I am well. It's been years" well the preceding conversation brought our friendship back after seven years or so of non communication. We relived the past of how we shared things, showed her a few of the gifts I still had from her.

It was great reconnecting with her as all through our friendship, she has been such a good person with a good heart, no wonder I always went though almost every corner to try and reconnect with her again. Good friendship do exist!!