Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Appreciation of LIFE worth Expressing

In the early hours of Tuesday 11th March, 2014, I woke up having a lot to do spanning various things I was working on.

One of these duties was going through my old stuff checking up for some documents to be used for some applications for an Msc program.
In going through all those files and brown envelopes that contained most of my papers, I chanced on my hospital cards.

One thing that immediately struck me was the dates on those cards. The year in question was in 2008. The first card indicated 4/1/2008 which if I can recollect, was when I felt sick from some stomach upset from an out eating I had the day before. The second hospital card's date was 28/4/2008. This second card was issued at Hohoe Government hospital after I been involved in an accident a day before on the Kpando- Hohoe link steel bridge. Our car veered of the steel bridge somersaulting twice heading into the river the bridge was over. What happened next?....... The Grace of God I Believe. 

Neither myself nor my boss I was driving with sustained any major injury and that was the my reason for the check up the following day for a thorough examination. The car though wasn't useable again as it was sold to scrubs a few weeks after.

As I have always insisted and expressed, I am an Appreciator of Life not because I am lucky, but I am blessed. I personally Believe it wasn't my time and still my time to leave the face of this earth till I fulfil what I am to do. Be dedicated to whatever faith you find yourself and be strong. Have the utmost faith and be steadfast. I am a Christian and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Ghana Health Service

Before I go I will leave you with this food for thought : 

Certainly, we cannot contend the reality of our thoughts and utterances working for or against us. In Swami Vivekananda’s words “Never think there is anything impossible…it is the greatest heresy to think so.”
I believe words have magical powers to heal and hurt… like the hands of our imaginations they have the ability to create memories for the events of our lives…while the hands of time cannot be turned.
With words we are able to exalt emotions and ridicule feelings. Maybe we would begin to appreciate the impact therein contains and begin to build where ruins have been made.
More importantly never say to yourself its impossible; just when you are about to give up understand that impossible… with a change of mindset… can mean I'M POSSIBLE!!
Let LOVE reign. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Food for Thought : Esme Hooper
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Monday, 3 March 2014

That Dream - Where it All Starts!!

On a fine Saturday, I decided to talk a stroll of which place I
was going to not known. I then  dressed up and called a friend and decided to just hit town. We met at a central location and decided to hit one of the Traditional Suburbs of the capital Accra, Ghana.

We enjoyed our outlined walks through  the township, meeting and talking to young people and children alike. Though our appearance drew a few attention, people around saw it as normal and went ahead in their normal duties and livelihood.
As we continued in our quest to explore the township, we took a turn and there we were in a suburb called Jamestown. Aside this area known for its good dancing skills, they were also blessed with a few national soccer stars.

Little did we know that, Jamestown was endowed with the talent of boxing. As we took a few steps, there we saw a large gathering of people. So we decided to approach and there we were, An improvised boxing ring created in a circle form by both passer bys and onlookers.

It was a boxing tournament for children. My reason for this is that, at that young and tender age a dream is born and children at say age two are given the very basic lessons and rudiments of the sport.

The child is taught how to jab, hit a knock out blow, upper-cut punch, block and how to move step which all forms part of the basic things one needs to be better developed in the sport of boxing. So I asked who organised this and how often, I was shown the organiser of whom was also a young man and he told me this is where it all begins. I asked him again, why such young kids, he told me these are children who are convinced to be world champions of the sport when they are grown.

He gave me example of names that had begun like this and later became world champions and household names of the sport. Names like Azumah Nelson, Ike Quartey, Alfred Kotey, Braimah Kamoko aka Bukom Banku and many more that had to do street boxing battles.

All he told me in summary was, this is where the dream all starts (In the GA language).

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