Thursday, 3 August 2017

Good Old Friends, The Real Deal

Life in its entirety is about making the best out of every situation. One other facet of it is the meeting of people from all walks of life and getting to know them the best way you can.
Some people come into your life I diverse ways, different circumstances but in all it comes together to make this thing called life a beautiful one. Obviously there are those situations where meeting people might have caused some troubles, and the likes but irrespective of every thing, it should help us grow as a people.

Over the weekend, I received a phone call from an untagged number. Initially I was adamant in picking the call but after a few rings, I chose to pick up the call. And to my surprise, it was from an old friend and a very cherished one at that. Two more years and our friendship will be hitting 20 years.

We met in high school as classmates but were not the best of friends ( I will keep the story for another day). We later became very very good friends and we've seen no turning back. Never have we quarrelled nor had any misunderstanding whatsoever.

She happened to check into town and since she knew I was based here now, she decided to check up on me as it had been a while not seeing each other. I later arranged a meet up so we could catch up on all that was going on in our lives.

Later that evening, I picked her up at her hotel and we went out to grab some bites. It was as if we never had some distance and time apart as friends. It picked up immediately and the conversation kept flowing and flowing. We talked about a lot of things, some advises were shared, some problems in our lives came up and we talked about virtually everything, her children, work, plans and all.

At a point the hangout joint we were sitting at, had to close and we were not even half way our conversation. We later checked the time and it was some few minutes to midnight. The question she asked was, 'where did the time run to Kofi?' We later then decided to take a long walk to her hotel since it wasn't that far from where we hanged out.

There the other chats that were left off came up. A very refreshing moment we had that we had not had in a long time. It was just as our friendship began. Up until our meet up, I will get back from work and head straight to my my room and just cool off, well I got a query for that and I was tasked to step out a little to wind down. I think I will take that bit and see how that goes.

As always as I told her, I cherish every moment we get to link up and just talk. I also took one thing out from our meetup. If you make even just one true friend, try all you can to keep it no matter the status each and everyone finds him or herself in at any point in life. Also never forget to check up on people you've known in your life's journey.

Pick that phone and five that old friend a call and say hi.
Once again, thanks for passing by my blog. Cheers everyone!!