Friday, 29 May 2015


Technology no doubt has created the avenue for fast dissemination of information whether it being on the positive note or on the negative aspect of anything. In times past, it was always difficult to get information either it being a request, wishes, ones current state of being and many more that you can think of.


Mobile telephony over say a few decades has really evolved from what it used to be the fundamental purpose for which it was. Some years back, all what people needed a mobile device like the mobile phone was to make calls basically. It then got some enhancements where you could send messages (sms), then later multimedia messages with some low resolution photos.

I am sure at least if you leave in the now age, you will all be the best ones to tell me how important the mobile phone is to some of you. Well I heard somewhere that there are now mobile phone related ailments, be it addiction to eyesight infections to a whole more that I am sure research will continue to bring to our notice.

Then came the age of mobile applications. These really changed the face of how we used our mobile phones, they were given a new cloth, name changed and referred to as smartphones. With the introduction of the camera, high resolution screens and what have you, this handheld devices, became real companions to people. I wont be surprised if you are reading this post on your mobile got you right?
Applications(apps) revolutionize the face of it and one of the apps that the whole world over, cant be done with is whatsapp.( Check below to download app on the various mobile platforms you have on). For fast communication purposes, this app is very popular and most used no wonder it was purchased for that hefty amount by another technology giant organization.

I am not here to talk to you about whatsapp. I chose the angle of where one will have to put up status on the already downloaded application. It is obvious and somehow conclusive that those status updates, is either expressing ones current state of being, whether referring to someone, him/herself,wishing someone well, telling someone the piece of mind,congratulating someone on a feat, you just name it.

I one day wasn't feeling too well and decided to relax at home for some rest. Around midday,  I took my phone to check my messages as I hadn't done that all morning following countless prompts. I went through them, responded to the ones that needed to be attended to, smiled at the ones that had funny notes, some had inspirational messages and all.

I later thought why don't I refresh my contacts on the application to see if any of my contacts had joined the bandwagon. That was done and now decided to go through the list, then something struck me. Each and every member on the contact list had one status update or the other associated to the name. It really varied from what lets me call this 'walks of talk'. The messages really trans versed from lets say archaeology to zoology, being it motivation,  birthday wishes, get well messages, expression of affection, celebration of a friend,  lover and so have you. I monitored this for a while and thought why don't I bring to my readers how my Timeline of whatsapp statuses looks like. If you find something similar to yours, don't worry your identity is safe with me.

Whew!!! I now get to my plot of this post. So I will be sharing the messages I wake up every morning or intermittently as and when I launch unto the application. These are randomly chosen spanning over 4-5 days. I am sure you are aware that the app has its own predefined ones that are on when you sign up unto the the application. I won't dwell on that even though a few use it either for convenience sake or chale they don't know where to click and effect that change.....laughing at this line....please don't kill me......LOL!!

Now lets ride;

Where there is a will, there is a way
Burn those that hurt you with forgiveness....TYLJ
Your eyes on me
If I could have my wish today
Minds are like parachutes, they only function when opened
I pray, you pray, we pray
While I breath, I hope...
Qui sera sera what ever will be will be
When you choose to love someone,you take them as is. Faults and all...Thank you Lord
Joy comes in the morning, I will wake up with mine as well as yours
Learning- Life is nothing without friendship
One Love
I don't do mediocre
Congratulations Roboo!
Got a phone now......whatsapp working Sorry guys
Happy birthday to my son Jason, you brought joy to my life
Yesu Mekra adamfo pa
Lessons well learnt
Um focused
More Vim
I Love you Mama

At one point of going through, I thought I was in a motivational cum inspirational session or therapy if you want call it so, then you get to be hit with some other statuses which will make you realise that yes we are humans and not all fall in the same line.

Check these few out and you will realise it does fall in line with the few I gave earlier.

Indie Rock Night
A few more hours Suzz! #MJisComing
Valaar moguhlis
Amazing! #JungleRave
Wear Ghana #STANDOUT
Beef Cake
That's my Lovely Baby
Anyone suffering from Vitamins "me"
Static Space
I can go on and on and on. So we can continue the conversation in the comment section telling me a few of what yours looks like.

One would want to ask why this post and if it matters, I guess when you read my blog tagline, you'll get to know who I am and what my intentions  for this blog is. I am an appreciator of life and anything  that catches  my eyes is what I will jot down especially if I feel it could pass as content to anyone.

As always, thanks for stopping by and taking time to read my post. Blessed  bless!!

CHEERS! !!!!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Sleeping Cha Cha Cha!!

Hey fellow visitors to my blog, hope the year has been good to you so far. As always a pleasure to see you check up on my posts to read away your time.

This particular post is more of a fun one for which I might not waste much of your time.

It happened in the house of God when I went to church over the weekend to worship. Reason why I titled it Cha Cha Cha, I am sure you will find out as you read along and eventually, at the end of it.

Before I push through my theme, I decided to pick out a few quotes that relates to church, maybe in between the post, I might push in some funny quotes about church also.

Church attendance is as vital to a disciple as a transfusion of rich, healthy blood to a sick man-DWIGHT L. MOODY

 The Church is not a gallery for the better exhibition of eminent Christians, but a school for the education of imperfect ones - HENRY WARD BEECHER,

The Church must be intelligible to the simple as well as to the shrewd - ROBERT HUGH BENSON

So now let's ride on.


In the moment, we had observed the bible reading, worship, praises and offertory sessions not forgetting that of those who came in with various prayer requests as well as thanksgiving notes.

Then came the moment for which the congregation I am sure had left their comfortable homes to observe on this Sunday, was to listen to the preaching of the gospel. The preacher mounted the pulpit and his session began.

Down the line in his sermon delivery, I spotted one elderly woman ordering her grandchild to stand-up. The reason, the child was dozing and feeling so sleepy that he couldn't open both eyes. Intermittently, I stole a glance to see what transpired. At one point, I noticed the elderly woman pinching the young lad as well as rubbing his face for him to open his eyes. This young chap was so dead feeling sleepy and at a point, the elderly woman had to give up and allow the young man to take that so wanted nap during service hours.

A couple of minutes went by and as usual wanting to know what ensued further, I found out to my amusement, the elderly woman herself dozing off seriously. I happened to see her head doze down twice for the split second I turned. This really brought laughter to my face and few funny thoughts as well as questions. One of the thoughts were, how I wished the young lad had woken up to see granny now competing him.

Thinking I had had enough of a sleeping drama in church that faithful day, midway through the sermon delivery, I found a couple and their beautiful little daughter in a whole exciting drama of sleeping CHA CHA CHA. In between sessions, I found the wife dozing here and there. I thought it was normal somehow especially with the very previous incidence witnessed. But there was a twist to this one. Anytime the wife was in her sleepy moments, the husband will tickle her to wake up.

Moving forward at one point, I spotted the husband also been caught by the sleeping bug. Beautifully, the wife returned the favour by tickling him also to wake up. The husband realizing this, got out of slumber, gave his wife a wink and both smiled over it. This was after say two sessions of tickling each other to stop sleeping during the service. I remember posting this love sleeping session on one of my social media platforms and it really drew some interesting comments from friends and followers.

I think at a point, I also dozed off before the entire service ended. I hope the video coverage camera didn't catch me during the period I was dozing. I again hope you enjoyed reading my church sleeping experience.

Again, thanks for stopping by my blog. Cheers and have a great week. If you see me in town, just say hi!!!