Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Another Year, Another birthday!!!

And it was another September 30th in the year 2014. I was gateful to be among the living souls to see this day.
Yes it was , my birthday and yes I became a year older than the previous day. Wanna know how old I am, checkout this post  last year and youll be spot on on how much I turned on September 30.

And to be counted among the living, I was blessed with tons of love from all walks of life from people i relate and have a relationship with. Just check out the messages that came through on my birthday. What more could I have asked for.

Bless you sir.
On this day may the rest of yo life be as smooth as baby bottom..
(But remember baby shall grow)
Happy birthday.
Honor to know you Kofi

God bless u my dear lovely Bra Quophi, I'm glad and honored to know u. May all you wish for be a reality and may you reap all the good seeds you sow in hundred folds. Happy Earth Day

Happy birthday my brother.
The man who chill without alcohol

Happy Birthday Kofi! May the Good Lord grant you ur heart desires....decide when u want to die!

Happy birthday Qwophi my love
Alomo 4 shots for u. I wish u good health,  wealth and greatest of joy in life

Happy birthday Qwophi, have a bomb blast!!

Wishing  you  the treasure of happy yesterdays   and  the gift of bright  tomorrow. Happy  birthday  Kofi Cedi

Happy birthday brov
Have a blast and enjoy the rest of your day!!!

Happy birthday sweedy. . Wishin u long life nd prosperity wat ya father nd mother cld nut do, u go do nd better go conquer d world hun...
Av a blast no forget ma own share of d cake wai

Happy bday to the guy with the cutest smile. Wishing u God's blessings and guidance. Njoy

Happy birthday Kofi, wishing u God's speed in all u do. Have a blast and stay blessed

Happy new birthday to miiiaaaa me kofi cedi3 N may God richly bless you paaaaaaa. Have a glorious day 

Bra John...Wish you a memorable day. God bless and continue to direct your steps to success. Cheers!

Happy birthday Kofi Cedi, pls ibeg u get laid wai, ibeg!!

Happy birthday bro!!! Forgelt all negativity and live well wai

The man of the moment
The son of the Earth
The calm demeanor
The passionate dedicated and loyal friend …
You're the man!
Happy birthday Kofi!

Feliz Compleanos Kofi

Happy birthday Kofi Cedi. Keep being awesome. Bless You man.

To think that that was enough, my bankers also sent me both an email and a text wishing me well on my birthday. Here is their massage;
Happy birthday!
My full account name
GTBank wishes you another year if accomplishment,
Opportunities and personal  growth!

And the photo below was an attachment to the email. Liking my bank.
In all it was a day to behold to have friends and loved ones wishing me well and dropping in messages of all sorts to enrich my day.

To each and everyone of you who called me, sent me a mesages on all the various platforms I am on, I really from the bottom of my heart appreciate the love. May the almighty grant to you peace of mind, good health and may He prosper your ways in every endeavour you decide to take up. 

And yes, to that sweet lady who baked me that cake, well I save all the love for you it was and is still cherished.