Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Last week, a friend posted on his Facebook wall on why he was giving that particular Bank a thumbs up. He expressed how he had moved from one bank to the other for various reason and as to how come he had to settle with this current and particular branch he was applauding.

Scrolling down on my Facebook timeline, I saw his post and immediately I got identified with what he had posted just because I also saved with that particular bank. Usually, I wouldn’t have read through that quite a long post but for this I decided to read till the last word.

In one of the paragraphs, he mentioned something with reference to the bank assigning him a relationship manager on standby should any issue relating to his account come up. This paragraph drew my mind back to an email I also received from this same bank sharing contact details of who my relationship managers were with specific details to the branch I was having my account with.

I applied for a renewal of my visa international card which had expired some months back and I was called it had been done so I needed to come pick it up. I ask if the card could be sent to my current location since I had relocated to a new city. It was agreed on and in a couple of days it arrived at the branch I asked it be sent to. Card was pick and necessary documentations were done and was alerted that I could activate and use my card after thirty minutes.

Later that weekend I had to make a trip down south for an important engagement. Knowing I had the card activated, and of course cash in my account balance, I wasn’t bothered because I knew I could fall on my card should the need arose for any withdrawal on my account. Now to the moment of truth, it was at one point in one of my hangouts, I decided to go withdraw some cash to hold on to and some for my return back to base. My first two attempts proved futile. Disappointment was written all over my face but I had no option than to just put my card in my pocket and head home straight.

The next day was a Sunday and had to go to church. I woke up and made preparations and off I was on my way to church. All along I still had some cash on me that could take me through the day. My only worry was what was going to take me back to base and as usual on the road chop buying. I then remembered with reference to my friend’s post that, I had received an email a few weeks back from my bank introducing to me some contact details of my branch’s relationship manager and some other branches. I took out my phone, went straight into my mail, scrolled through and voila, I found that email. Quite sceptic as I was then, I decided to test the system.

I picked the number specific to my branch and called one of the numbers. And oh yes on a Sunday afternoon. The call went through, ringed a few times and it was picked. This relationship manager sold some quality phone etiquette and desire to hear me out. One question after the other, I was been briefed what the problem could be, this relationship manager of a person, took me through various steps in trying to help me out. Unluckily for both of us, it wasn’t working so my bank details and other details were taken. I was asked to be given a few minutes and I was assured I was going to be sorted out whatever the problem. I agreed and held on patiently.

Then the call came, “hello Kofi, I think we have identified the problem and our card unit has fixed it and you can go ahead to use your card. Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused you”. I was overly impressed and actually really appreciated the time and effort I was provided and to think it was a Sunday and everything was left behind for my ’little’ problem to be solved, is what amazed me.

Well I am sure you’ll be wondering or as well yearning to know which bank I am talking about, don’t worry, I am about telling you. It is GUARANTY TRUST BANK affectionately known as GT Bank. This bank over the period I have had an account with, has always tried to be innovative to be ahead of the park and for some of these little things, I applaud them. Maybe you might want to join them and as well patronize their services. No wonder why I won’t hesitate to ask that question, ‘WHY WONT YOU RATHER BANK WITH THEM?’

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